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3# nota di viaggio

3#NOTA DI VIAGGIO (Ciavuru d'amuri)

"When I would get up in the morning, the scent of the fig tree would enter the small bathroom at home; my face still damp and Grandma Vincenza's warm milk: "...I'll drink it under the fig tree and then go to the sea!" - I would shout to grandma; I would sit on the long bench and rest my still-warm glass on the party table, my back to the big fig tree that carefully resting the first dim lights of dawn on my neck."

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3#nota di viaggio (ciavuru d’amuri)
Trilogia del viaggio

eau de parfum
In this perfume I found my land again: Ciavuru d'amuri was born in Sicily south of the world. In the austere silence, I wait for my time. Women's scents envelop the house, the saltiness of wooden hooves. Mothers' robes smell of incense, mothers caress rosaries. I remember those late summer afternoons when in a hurry, from the sea we would return home, male and female, steal the figs that from the crumbling walls faced the street. We would run to the feast, the great doors of the churches would open their secrets, their scent. I remember those summer evenings when weary I slept in my mother's arms, my hands still smelled of figs, but my love guarded me in the white robes, among the incense that enveloped her.
I often think of my land, of my origins, I bring back to my mind the years I spent in my land and the times when I would return, in the summer, during school vacations. My Sicily holds mixed emotions, sweet memories and bitter feelings. I have constructed the olfactory memories of my Sicily. They carry in their odorous body what I recognize most strongly in the scent of my land, like the newborn in its first moments of life, the skin of the mother, of her breast. Ciavuru d'amuri is my childhood, the time of youth, a dedication to mothers, to my own, to my mother's mother and to mother earth, the generator of all our emotions. I remember the smell of the Fig tree, it was large and created shade in the garden of, the reflections of its light still bathe my eyes with emotion. 

Composition: Fig, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Incense, Cedar, Sandalwood, Artemisia, Benzoin, Bergamot.

“Beautiful composition, poetic!! the mediterranean ...” 

“This is one of the best fig centered fragrances I have ever smelled”

“Il mio profumo preferito per l’estate”

“È già sulla mia pelle.....quante emozioni olfattive”

“La sintesi dei profumi dell’infanzia tra mare e campagna”

This is a very well blended, creamy fig fragrance. The bergamot plays very nicely here, not very noticeable, except in the way it somehow enhances the depth of the fig. It’s more dense and sappy, making it more like the fragrance can be tasted. I love the beautiful, subtle, yet present frankincense. Maybe that is what gives it a smidgen of sourness as well. 


La Sua Dedica Olfattiva alla Sicilia su by Lucia Remigi

Meo Fusciuni Reformulates and Relaunches 3# nota di viaggio (Ciavuru d'amuri), His Fragrant Tribute to Sicily

A perfect example of a reformulation done right  by Eau my soul

FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2019 

Artisticamente profumi "Trilogia del viaggio"


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3# nota di viaggio (Ciavuru d'amuri) was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Franco Battiato, the whole collection during each of these stages 

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