"I think that every man has a path
and we have decided to tell about it through the scents"

I founded Meo Fusciuni parfums in 2010, it was June 18.

From the first day I thought with passion and devotion to my work, to my path. I met Federica in 2012, since then, we share this project together, in the olfactory research, in the vision of an artistic perfumery that tells our journeys and our thoughts and that emotions through a collection of unique perfumes.

Every detail of our work comes from a supply chain controlled in every detail, we are proud to affirm our total Made in Italy: thought, creation and production, a short supply chain and love for our craft. 

We create our perfumes with natural and synthetic raw materials of the highest quality, from all over the world, collaborating for many years with perfume houses that have made the history of perfume and raw materials.

In our atelier, alchemy is born, perfume is born, between aesthetics and olfactory research, between poetics and botany.

Our perfumes speak to the heart of people, they tell our life, our journey.

The true essence of artistic perfumery lives in poetic research and in the soul of raw materials.