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"I think that every man has a path
and we have decided to tell about it through the scents"

Creating a perfume is like searching for oneself, telling the emotion of the experience and then sharing it with those who will one day choose that perfume. 
The path of a perfumer can be so many shades, and everyone lives their work, their destiny, as if it were the only one that makes sense to follow. This is my path as a perfumer, as a researcher of olfactory memories transformed into perfume.
I have always used for my work and in my studies, the word research, because it is in daily research that the life of a nose finds its meaning, its goal. 
Today, in this modern era where we can have so many technologies in our support, I realize with happiness that only one thing still really matters: olfactory sensitivity.
Olfactory sensibility is what distinguishes my creations from those of another, it is the ground on which I have built my work today, it is something material and ethereal at the same time: material because it is made of experience in choosing the best raw materials and building the perfect accord: exercise, study and method; ethereal because it is the life of each of us that is told differently, in my case through travel, poetry, nature, music, art. Ethereal ties that finally lead to perfume something I call the olfactory memory of life. An end point, where an alchemical balance is reached between the material part of this work that is chemistry and the poetry of life, which is its spiritual component.

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