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"I'd like to move people with fragrances, tell a story without images or sounds, 
almost without touching that little perfumed cloud that, close to us, spreads"

1# nota di viaggio (rites de passage)

(eau de parfum)

Meo Fusciuni’s first work takes us to a delicate and vibrating journey.
It has its origin in Istanbul, Constantinople, with a note of black pepper the magic of bazaars, homesickness, the delight of  holy places.

1#nota di viaggio .jpg

2# nota di viaggio (shukran...)

(eau de parfum)

Shukran, the magic of the meetings, the light that welcomes you at the end of the long journey from Turkey to Morocco. Ebrezza, I’m sailing lightly, among colours, perfumes, the sea and the sand.

2# nota di viaggio shukran.jpg

3#nota di viaggio (ciavuru d'amuri) 

(eau de parfum)

"This perfume tells through the olfactory notes that compose it, the happy moments of childhood spent on the island, in the house of the grandmother and in the arms of my mother during the sacred processions.

"Ciavuru d’amuri" in Sicilian means "perfume of love"

3#nota di viaggio ciavuru d'amuri.jpg



The poetic and olfactory pyramid of Notturno is a dark work that rip and protects you, a sensual scent that envelops. 
"I waited for everything to pass, that the multitude became uniqueness. Olfactory architecture of the heart"




The journey has reached its point, its threshold, the silence. Luce comes from an introspective journey that begins with the start of a new day, when nature has not completely awakened, the air is still wet, everything is stasis.




I remember every step as an indelible mark. 

A physical and mental journey in holy places and transfigured by the human soul’s smell.

narcotico .jpg

Odor 93


As in the center of a dream, the flowery body of Narcissus and Tuberose tell step by step the path in the birch forest, where the animal lives and the ritual of the fairy tale is celebrated, mental and spiritual place of perfume.

odor93 .jpg



"...What if the good of man was to forget, rather than remember?" At the end of this journey I realized that I didn't want to remember anymore, I just wanted to get lost in the oblivion of my search, and be quiet. Forgetting had become my salvation, my peace.

l'oblio .jpg

Little song


The loneliness of man passes through the sound that accompanies him in his thoughts, in the interpretation that he makes of his life, passes through a small song repeated endlessly, which becomes sound in silence, perfume. 

little song.jpg



I started to create this fragrance by reading Emily Dickinson's poems, I tried to imagine the places where she loved to walk and from there I started, imagining being a child again and running in the middle of grassy fields, listening to nature and breathing the freedom of my Spirit.

spirito .jpg



Varanasi is a sacred and profane place of smell, full of contrasts and meanings. I composed letting myself be guided by the visceral emotion I felt the day I felt the sacred water of the Ganges in my hands.

varanasi .jpg

Encore du temps


A love dedication, a few petals fallen in a cup of tea, a transparent light, a hope, this is Encore du temps, an instant of joy, of emotion that each of us would like to keep alive, forever.

encore du temps .jpg



Sogni tells of that moment suspended between dream and reality, that moment when our mind and heart are still in a distant place and we feel lost, confused, as if suspended...

sogni .jpg

Viole Nere


There is a place where my thoughts find refuge, where I absent myself from the world, where I read my poems aloud at the dawn of March, as the first violets of the year emerge from the still frosty ground. 

viole nere .jpg

Last Season


Imagine the world suddenly discovering itself to you, through the forests, the water of the Baltic, the light filtering through the leaves of centuries-old trees. Imagine hearing for the first time and forever the voice of the earth.

ambiente meo fusciuni .jpg

Room Fragrances

(First edition 2023)

Meo Fusciuni room fragrance was born from the need to give an olfactory memory to the environment around us, to give it a name, an intensity, an emotion.
An olfactory space, a place where time takes on an odorous memory, a moment in which we share with ourselves or with others the encounter, the word, the breath, the air around us.
Three intense fragrant tales, three moments of the day, of the night, three moments fixed forever in our memory.

discovery set .jpg

Olfactory Memories Collection

Would you like to discover our collection with a unique and exciting journey? Purchase our box set containing the collection in small 2ml samples.

(only at selected and authorized retailers)

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