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Calura: it was summer, in the already warm morning, the sea was calling me, the deep longing for its return. Calura is my memory as a child, away from my native island, when in a melancholic autumn, I longed to return to the beach just a few steps from my house in Sicily; sea notes blending with a bergamot tea.


Nottetempo: the warm scent of burnt wood, hints of poems read at night, nocturnal emotions among us, like suspended clouds, the sound of a Jazz record in the distance. Nottetempo is a burnt wood, smoky, reminiscent of an old Jazz club with its soft atmosphere or those evenings, when together with friends share intimate moments in the fireplace room, a strong emotion.

Penombra: It's a serene day in my heart, the lights pass smiling at the shadows, the echo of stillness runs through our rooms. Penombra is the stillness, a silent and soft wood that tells of the lights of those mid-season days, when the scent of cleanliness and the white whiteness of light soothe our spaces, distant and serene places of the soul.

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