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"I wish time would stop at this moment."

A love dedication, a few petals dropped in a cup of tea, a transparent light, a hope, an instant of joy and emotion that each of us would like to keep alive, forever. 


timeless Trilogy



Encore du temps is a love dedication, it is a flower dropped in a cup of tea.

It was a trip to Laos that made me understand the Timeless love between two people, that gave birth to my desire to tell you about this journey, to a place where time is a state of mind, where all is lost in a smile. Like a slow black and white movie, like certain moments in life.

That tea seemed to never end, as the little Osmanthus flower floated in the swirls of the cup. It was just love, and we wished for more time to experience that moment in our lives, sitting on the terrace of a historic colonial house in Luang Prabang. From there, our gaze lost on the river.

A suave and delicate opening, loving from its first olfactory steps, a gentle note of Bergamot and Mandarin opens the way to the heart, a white canvas sprinkled with Green Tea, on which rests Osmanthus: warm, voluptuous and fruity, the same canvas on which rests the poetry of Champaca flower, in its Asian scents I resent my beloved Asia and the walks among the forests, next to them the great Magnolia is a dedication. In the background the sweetness of Benzoin from Laos, the care of Sandalwood and the memories of Mate, tell a delicate ending.

Osmanthus grows in our garden today, giving us a fragrant and delicate bloom in autumn. On autumn evenings, as I walk by, its fruity scent takes me back to Laos, Indochina. It reminds me of the feeling I have for the woman I love every day. I would like more time again, and again, and again....


Composition: Bergamot, Mandarin, Osmanthus, Tea, Mate, Champaca, Magnolia, Sandalwood, Benzoin.


È intenso, caldo e fresco allo stesso tempo. Mi da la sensazione di un cucchiaio di miele che si scioglie in un aromatico the al bergamotto. Il legno che brucia mentre verso sera l'aria rinfresca.


Mighty scent but in the gentle way, not overhelming. Distnguished as resting lion.


This perfume is close to my heart. It is poetic and beautiful and spreads sensual harmony!

Perfection in a bottle!

Questo profumo è un abbraccio delicato e potente, è amore puro!

Encore du temps was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Impetus by Sebastian Plano during each of these stages  

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