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"Perfume is a soul that shapes our shadow"

meo fusciuni parfums, philosophy and olfactory poetics
was born in 2010 as a project of olfactory research, with the vision of an artistic perfumery that can tell journeys, thoughts and emotions through a collection of unique perfumes.
Every detail of the work comes from a supply chain controlled in every detail, with the pride of being able to affirm the Made in Italy: from thought, creation, production, packaging.
All the perfumes are created with natural and synthetic raw materials of the highest quality, coming from all over the world, thanks to the consolidated collaboration with perfume houses that have made the history of perfume and materials.
Alchemy is created in Meo's atelier, there the perfume is born, between aesthetics and olfactory research, between poetics and botany, with the desire to speak to the heart of the people, telling the journey and life experiences, in the deep conviction that the essence of artistic perfumery lives in the poetic research and in the soul of raw materials and crosses lives and worlds thanks to those who carry it with them.

meo (4).jpg


"This little song has become

my mantra,

my memory,

the first step of my metamorphosis.

Paul Auster's loneliness,

Kafka's metamorphosis,

the endless repetition of Sisyphus

and the visceral love

of Nick Cave


"In a small strip of fabric and paper,
I found seeds, sap and soil.
In a small strip of fabric and paper,
I found grasses remained over time" (3).jpg


"It is a journey to understand

who we are,

what our true roots are.

The scent of olfactory memories

is the medium on which

to climb and let go".

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