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"Man's loneliness passes through a bouquet of roses clutched in his hands, withered by the time that has passed through them. For whom are these roses? On the table a cup of coffee and between the fingers of the hand a cigarette."

little song coffee fragrance

Little song

Metamorphosis Cycle

Little song led me to confront my loneliness as a man. Metamorphosis goes through a state of consciousness, the human condition.
To stop is necessary, to think is fundamental to my continuing, to understand that nothingness is everything and that each fragment of this work spent with myself, tells...
Loneliness is in my life, it is a component that lives with my breath, but I have not always been able to speak to it. I have done so now, thanks to this passage, the physical change from the past, a new place where I can lock myself away, where I can hide, where I can listen to the sound of scent. The previous state of forgetfulness of oblivion has now given way to a world of memories, like a sudden landslide. I am still there, in a small room, waiting. Outside time passes, seasons pass, people pass. Umbrellas fly in the courtyard of stillness. I wrote long ago, "the metamorphosis we seek is in the path we are on. We fall, in the depths, in the darkness, in the cave of life, and from there, we smell change, our metamorphosis."
Man's personal solitude with time, with space, with the things that surround us and change.

Composition: Coffee, Rose, Tobacco 

Photo courtesy of Scentury Concept VN

“العطور هذه كأنها تشظيات من ذاتي، شاعريتها تشابه القراءة لفرناندو بيسوا، جدًا ممتن أني لقيتها 🖤!”

(Questi profumi sono come frammenti di me stesso, la loro poesia è come leggere Fernando Pessoa, sono molto grato di averla incontrata)

(These perfumes are like fragments of myself, their poetry is like reading to Fernando Pessoa, very grateful to have met you)

“I just bought your little song creation 2 days ago in Rome and is just like heaven."


An Ode to Solitude, Nick Cave and Coffee-Tinged Roses: Meo Fusciuni's Little Song

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Soufflè al caffè e rosa ispirato a Little song di Alessandra Prizzon - Extrait

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"If I had to rate it with my PAGE Rating...It's an E scent. Excellent!!! My best rating. It's a perfect rose scent for a man or woman and it's the perfect coffee scent for a man."

"Been wearing this for a couple days, and I think it ventures into masterpiece territory for me. There's an extreme amount of nuance here. One thing that happens is that after a few hours a pleasant and complex sweetness emerges, and lingers. Unbelievably sophisticated. Worth every penny"


“It is a powerhouse and even better than I expected.”

“Best coffee fragrance on the market.”


“Little Song is perfec

“Un bonheur...un amour ..le paradis d odeur”

"Questo profumo mi trasmette una velata

malinconia. Affascinante."

Little song was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Murder ballads and Skeleton tree by Nick Cave and the bad seeds during each of these stages  

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