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Like any indelible mark I remember each step well. The journey began in the city of Palermo, on the steps of a church, one September past.  I knew I was looking for something to make me start writing and feeling.  The incessant smell of that threshold I never crossed is still in my olfactory memory.


Ciclo della Mistica

After many years I returned to those streets, but I did not recognize any of those faces, new looks and foreign hands approached mine. Fragments of existence, continuous questions about the true meaning of the sacred, perfume becomes smell, hidden, in the old sacristies, among the old pews of the monumental and popular churches of Palermo, in the old closets of grandmothers; each alley holds its own personal scent, an old cloth store, the baker's oven, the barber's shop with its old colonies and the warm scent of pastry shops. On Sundays, I remember, after mass my father would hold my hand, we would walk past the pastry shop on the Corso, my father would buy a tray of cannoli, it was a ritual, a beautiful olfactory memory, the ricotta, the candied fruit, the return home.  I had been missing in Sicily for so many years and the snow-white face left the image to a face covered by the thick beard, the hands no longer gesticulate, my mind wonders and the curious nose investigates the space. Narcotico is a perfume inspired by my Sicily, about the relationship with my most remote and visceral memories, emptiness, the depth of being. A search that continues every day, without ever stopping, almost a challenge in wanting to observe, how far the scent of a place can take you. It is a journey to understand who you are, what your true roots are, and the scent of olfactory memories is the medium on which to climb and let go.

Composition: Labdanum, Benzoin, Oud, Guaiac Wood, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Incense, Thyme, Vetiver.



"Narcotico - è una droga da provare"

"Narcotico - let yourself be tempted"


“Tiefe, sonore Erdigkeit, grünmoosige Steine, etwas feuchten Waldboden, einen Mikrohauch animalischer Wildheit, im Inneren eine Ruhe und Gelassenheit ausstrahlend.

Deep and sonorous earthiness, musky and green stones, slightly damp woodland, a micro breath of animal wildness, radiating a calm and inner serenity.”

“Addicted to Narcotico ! In assoluto il più profumo preferito , da sempre”


“Narcotico is my absolute”


“Amazing Patchouli and Incense”


“Una meraviglia”

“Wie dunkel kann deine Seele sein? Diabolisch, faszinierend doch zugleich abstoßend und verstörend.

Welch eine duftende Sinfonie der Finsternis. Geboren in Dunkelheit, entstiegen aus den Abgründen der Seele.

How dark can your soul be? Diabolical, fascinating but at the same time disgusting and disturbing. What a fragrant symphony of darkness.

Born into darkness, it has risen from the depths of the soul.


“The best one....for me!”


“Narcotico mi tocca l'anima.”

“Narcotico, il mio profumo, il mio odore… lovvo”

This is a very nice unisex gothic fragrance that lasts the distance and covers you in a shroud of fog but doesn’t smother you rather just floating around you. I’m ashamed of myself for not trying this sooner. It’s so good.

Narcotico was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: La Casa del Dolore and Memorie Statiche by Nenia during each of these stages 

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