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odor 93

ODOR 93 

"In the imagery of not finding oneself, of getting lost and only far from that place deciphering the meaning. As in the center of a dream, the flowery body of Narcissus and Tuberose tell step by step the journey into the birch forest, where the animal lives and the ritual of the fable is celebrated, the mental and spiritual place of perfume."


Trilogia della Mistica 

In my dreamlike journey you can find the essence of the mystique cycle second chapter. Getting lost in the collective unconsciousness, and only far away from that place, getting the meaning.
As in a dream, the bodies in flower tell the way through the birch forest step by step, where the animal lives and people celebrate the fairy tale ritual, spiritual and mental place of perfume.
There are distant places in the world that are linked together by a thin, imaginary thread. I have tried to create a fragrance for this invisible bond, I have found a heart in flower in the forest, I have listened to the animal speaking, I have seen the end of the day, I have found out perfumed signs of the past, I have found the meaning in my native soil. I have reached Thelema.
The magic of nature hides in the secret of words. Number 93 represents this journey mystic key.

Drop by drop, into a river,
listening inside me, the emptiness,
the immense space that comes from down.
Get the flower,
close your eyes while you smell it,
essence, memory, nothing else, now.

Composition: Tuberose, Narcissus, Guaiac Wood, Patchouli, Cumin.

“Beautiful composition, poetic!! The mediterranean...” 

“This is one of the best fig centered fragrances I have ever smelled”

“Il mio profumo preferito per l’estate”

“È già sulla mia pelle.....quante emozioni olfattive”

“La sintesi dei profumi dell’infanzia tra mare e campagna”


“lo amo, mi ricorda alcune cose della mia infanzia,

un po’ malinconiche ma belle.”

“I really congrats witht he nose for this unbelievable amazing creation,

it just went beyond my imagination! PERFECTION IN A BOTTLE.”

“In assoluto il mio preferito”​                 “Parfum d’exception!”

“My favorite fragrance in my collection at the moment.”

“It’s something special for me... for date... for allure...”

“Odor 93 is an amazing earthy-floral fragrance that at manages many olfactory paradoxes well worth exploring - both humid and dry as a bone, sweet and bitter, synthetic and natural: it's amazing showcase of many frequently used notes constatly causes the head to snap back as it thinks it has discovered what this fragrance is all about.”


“Capolavoro assoluto”​                   “Lo amo. Grazie per averlo creato!”

odor 93

Odor 93 was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Aleph at Hallucinary Mountain and All the pretty little horses by Current 93 during each of these stages  

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