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Review by Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews

"I had a sample of Meo Fusciuni - Little Song from a while ago and really enjoyed this wonderful concoction with coffee and rose. In fact, it was dry and aromatic but within it the rose is jammy like mulled wine. There are also leathery/fabric like accords within the fragrance. Quite a delicious experience. If you're looking for a new rose and coffee perfume or coffee and rose perfume then please do check this one out. From Meo Fusciuni - Little Song I get coffee grounds, deep dark like freshly ground in a coffee shop, The coffee grounds are dry coffee grounds with slight moisture which are then drizzled on new fabric or leather or a combo of the two with rose all over. The rose is like mulled rose wine as the rose is jammy but the remainder of the fragrance is quite dry and aromatic".

Thank you Sebastian!!!

Here the link to see the video:

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