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"to a place I had never seen, 
beyond that place I could only imagine".


Metamorphosis Cycle


I was looking for a single body, all I wanted was a sense of balance around me and the perennial delicacy of this fragrance, of its Spirito. None of the notes that I selected sought to dominate the other.
I wanted a timeless fragrance, one in which gaze became lost in the olfactory memory of this journey to a place that I had never seen. A place that only Spirits could reach.
I had a strong desire to get away, to escape for a spring or summer day, but I couldn’t and so I imagined a big field blooming with flowers. I wanted to recreate a place I had never seen. I was joined by the poetry of Emily Dickinson, by her words and her images. I saw that place. It felt nearby, like it was mine.

“In a never-before-seen place, 
past the place I could only imagine.
Now I am there, among fragrances never mentioned aloud, 
but felt in the spirit, where I have never been;

nor you, perhaps; only the souls.
I was there though, smelling the fragrances,

seeing the edges of the forest.”

Composition: Lavender, Cypress, Myrtle, Angelica, Chamomile, Vetiver, Elemi, Carrot Seeds, Hyssop, Guaiacum, Cedar, Tonka Bean




"Spirito is a delicate but incredibly persistent fragrance, created with the aim of tracing an olfactory trail that is perennial, but romantic.."

"Spirito ist ein zarter, aber unglaublich beständiger Duft, der mit dem Ziel kreiert wurde, einen Duft zu finden, der konstant, aber romantisch ist."

"WOW! He really captured this idea of Dickinson's work."


"Passato e presente fusi in una poetica armonia"

It's a such a poetic scent _ goes right to one's heart

“I can’t stress how PERFECT this fragrance is!”

"Spirito is an incredible walk through the shades of green. One of the most beautiful and unexpected vetivers in a long time..."

“The scents are amazing! You have to try them and feel... Relax and spray around you ... neck, wrists ....

Feel the bouquet of scents created with great precision, poetry and love!”


“Stunning elegance, my favorite fougere ever!”


“Such an amazing fragrance! Really love it”

Spirito was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Charcoal by Brambles, Felt by Nils Frahm, The Lost by Otto A Totland, Async by R. Sakamoto during each of these stages  

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