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Once upon a time, around a fire in a dark forest, north of the world, there were a flower, a birch, an animal, a moth and a white cat.

The white cat was the first to speak and, bent over himself, asked to the flower - what can I give you, to make you happy? - the flower replied - the most precious thing you carry within. The cat jumped up and with an old rusty nail he pierced his body; He died and from him they extract sap and essence, but this brought only a slight solace to the flower. Thereupon birch began to sing a sad song to the sky, night over their heads listened and saw. The flower turned to birch and asked: - Great Mother with shining's leaves, what torments your heart, what have you seen beyond the forest? - birch without interrupting her song answered to the flower: - I saw bent men burn birch to obtain tar; what do you need from me to make your life  less severe? - The flower replied: - I would like to smell the scent of your leaves. - Thereupon the birch took a great ax and cut the base of his body, the big tree fell to the ground, letting slip their leaves on the fire, a scent is perceived in the air, for a moment the flower was happy, but then he fell back in his dark thoughts. It was the time to speak of the moth: - flower, where can I go to give you back hope and relief? - The flower look at him and says: - You have to fly in the heart of fire, be careful! You must to come back to tell  me what  the  fire  hidden  in its depths – the moth  began  to rotate  around  the  fire  and  then  go ahead  straight  toward the  center - Amazing! - shouted the flower, but immediately he saw that the moth was not coming back and his petals curled himself for pain.

The animal, that until then had been with his head bowed and silent face, turned his gaze to the flower. The flower understood that the silent animal hiding the truth he was looking for: "The reason why everyone looking for the soul's beauty, does not come back."

Flower asked the animal: - What can you give me to make me happy? - Initially the animal did not answer, then approached the flower and opened his left hand, there were strange marks on his palm and a small fruit in the center, the flower looked at the marks on the hands, but not realized the meaning. The animal got up and slowly walked away, his image faded along the dense dark forest, flower watched him but did not understood.

The flower waited for 93 nights his return, finally even the fire extinguished; the flower  stay alone listen the night, his body sank into a sleep that continues along today.

"If I close my eyes and I listen my path, I see grotesque characters of my imagination. When I close my eyes and I think to the static nature of things, I think to the memory, the yellow house, the white cat, the blue room, the abandoned garden, the laughing windows, the space occupied by the emptiness of life, the black room.

I tied a rope to my feet and laced it tightly to the birch trunk; I made it to relive my past, to write this new work. Sometimes I close my eyes and I ask my past to make me relive those strange days, where I spoke with the mothers of the river, with the bent men, the killer whales, the famished dogs and the white cat, and like a magic, everything come back.

The smell is a soul that shapes our shadow"

Written by Meo Fusciuni

odor 93 meo fusciuni
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