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1# NOTA DI VIAGGIO (Rites de Passage)

"My soul is full,
When I speak in the words of this place,
I feel the bark of my heart vibrate.
And I do not need earthly adjectives,
but only of its fragrance."

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1# nota di viaggio (rites de passage) 

Trilogy of Journey
Eau de parfum

The first perfume has its origin in Istanbul, the Eastern Gate, with a note of Black Pepper, the magic of bazaars, homesickness, the delight of holy places. The perfume takes shape inside its mixture. Notes, first intimates, become threefold body of perfume, base, heart, head.  Memories bring still eastward, toward a door, where the spiritual world felt a need to go, the door where the gaze is bitter and spiced. The lands, as men, open their care to time, in prayer and in the ritual that spreads from the hand towards the body. I travel inside myself, the time's love, the blend is essence, resinoid breath. The scent flowing, run from me, now it’s desire, tomorrow is memory. Passage and nostalgia.

“My soul is overflowing, 
when I speak with the words of this places, 
I feel the bark of my heart vibrate, 
and no earthly adjectives are needed, 
but I only need its perfume”


Composition: Geranium, Incense, Black Pepper, Rosewood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Benzoin, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang.


"La mia fragranza preferita"

"There is something so peaceful and zen like about this fragrance, almost spiritual.
It’s very quiet, like a hush in the room."

"Il profumo per un appuntamento di lavoro" visto su Icon Magazine

"I really love this fragrance. I was looking for something spicy, with some vetiver, geranium, and some citrus. This delivered in spades. It also include some nice woods and incense along with the prominent pepper. Seriously, you must like (or have nothing against) pepper to enjoy this fragrance. Like most Meo Fusciuni fragrances, performance is excellent. I get 8+ hours longevity, and sillage is great at 3-4 hours."

"Совершенно неклассический, но очень мужественный, и очень древесный парфюм. И даже - с красивыми, богатыми нотами дорогого алкоголя и старой, потертой кожи. Аромат очень духовный, богатый и даже смелый."

This is one of those rare scents due to its originality, depth and quality.
It is also polarizing as it is harsh, dark and peppery in the beginning, over the incense undertone at first.What that means is that some might not like it at first but do give it a try as it is a truly beautiful scent.
A love for me.

The perfumer it seems has a clear intention in this series; to bring out the depth of the original colognes from these three locations (Istanbul, Sicily, and Morroco) through artistic interpretation, high quality ingredients and vintage perfumery. Will try to smell the rest of the series.



1# nota di viaggio travel note (Rites de passage) has been conceived and created listening to the albums: Songs and Sufi Music - private collection, during each of these stages.

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