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“In a remote place,

passing through silent woods

and natural shadows,

I closed my eyes and thought:
"What does the voice of Nature smell like?"

Last Season was born out of a trip I took to Sweden. In those days of peace, beauty and friendship, I rediscovered for a moment that pure feeling that is our destiny: to always go deeper, to experience them, to understand and rejoice in them, to venture into life.

That depth is told through this fragrance, which leaves voice only to nature.
Last Season recounts my first steps in that pristine place, in a warm August morning, the aromatic notes tell of the arrival in the island of mosses.

Everything here is submerged and like ancestral lunar presences, algae bind us to the water, lying on the dark rocks of the Baltic. And then the steps, slow, respectful, of us guests in this green, earthy, moist space. The sun warms the bark of the trees; animals watch from their dens us, men alone, in the heart of nature.

Mother Nature, I have crossed all the seas to see you, crossed all the forests to speak to you, to listen to your scent and now that I am here, I am speechless, I close my eyes and listen to your essence, in this last season.

Composition: Immortelle, Chamomile, Artemisia, Laurel, Canadian Pine, Galbanum, Alga Fucus, Mate, Hay, Cistus, Costus, Vetiver, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Tobacco, Cedar, Guaiacum, Musk, Birch, Myrrh, Olibanum, Leather, Oud, Castoreum (reco).

"I saw a distant world,
in the stillness of woods and waters.
The silence was broken
by the voice of the white swan,
by the flight of the grey heron.
There is a world in which

we no longer see ourselves,
but only the beauty that surrounds us.
We are nothing,

but we listen to the essence of the world.
That end,

that boundary,
I found it here."

last season.jpg

Last Season was conceived, created and arranged, listening at each of these stages to the album Dark Wood by David Darling and reading Walden, by H.D. Thoreau

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